[VivThomas.com] Erika Korti & Luna Corazon - Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 4 - The Boxer (28.12.2016) [Lesbian, Oral, 1080p]

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Erika Korti & Luna Corazon - Sandra's Sporty Girls Episode 4 - The Boxer (28.12.2016)

Жанр: Lesbian, Oral
Продолжительность: 00:20:36
Episode four of “Sandra’s Sporty Girls” sees ebony beauty Luna Corazon hitting the punchbag, going through a kickboxing routine. Cute coach Erika Korti puts her through her paces, making her get a sweat on. A surprise hit knocks Erika to the ground, Luna straddling her to see if she’s okay. But coach was just playing, and with her hot pupil on top of her, she kisses her on the mouth, sliding her tongue in when Luna responds. Sexy brunette Erika squeezes Luna’s small tits in her white t-shirt, nipples jutting through as the two embrace passionately. Erika runs her hands over Luna’s fit body, lifting her top to expose her sweet tits and toy with her hard nipples. She pulls Luna’s shorts off and the dusky babe raises her hips, wanting Erika’s touch on her pussy. Erika teases her, licking her through her white cotton panties until Luna can take no more, pulling her briefs aside to give coach total access to her succulent snatch. Erika tenderly tastes her pussy, her wet tongue oiling Luna’s clit and labia as the gorgeous student groans with pleasure. Luna peels off her panties and Erika is drawn back to her pulsing clit, sucking it into her mouth, spreading Luna’s dark lips apart to reveal the hot pink inside, wet with pussy juice. Coach strips out of her shorts and straddles Luna’s face, their moans of lust heard through mouths full of pussy in a filthy sixty-nine. Luna is so good at sucking on Erika’s pretty pussy that coach has to rise up and grind herself on her star pupil’s face. It might not burn that many calories, but it’s a seriously hot workout that will make you sweat!
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